✅ Fundraiser: Minivan for Kherson [Closed!]

✅ Fundraiser: Minivan for the Kherson Volunteers [Closed!]

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 100%, ₴220000 from 220000 (~$5500)

👉 Details…

Who: Volodymyr Sagaidak, director of the Kherson Volunteers Club. Volodymyr is also a director of the Socio-psychological Rehabilitation Center for Children (orphanage) in Kherson Region. Details on youcontrol You could have read about Volodymyr on Hromadske.ua 👈
Letter from the director
Photos of our group handling the power generator to Volodymyr Sagaidak, the director of the orphanage in Kherson

Video where Volodymyr Sagaidak is helping kids in the remote areas of the liberated Kherson region 🇺🇦

🤝 In this fundraiser we are getting help from our friends https://fellas4eu.org/blyzki You can donate to both theirs and our accounts

Why: Kherson volunteers will use this minivan to reach kids in distant areas of the Kherson region
Goal: 220000 UAH ($5000)
  • Purchase the Van ~ 130000грн ($3250)
  • Repairs ~ 50000грн ($1250)
  • Load the Van full of presents for the kids ~ 40000грн ($1000)
  • Repaired van, purchased presents and handed off the van to Volodymyr Sagaidak! Project Closed.
  • Van delivered to Lviv, and repair works started! We keep collection funds to buy out the van.
  • We put a down payment $500 on the van.